MAYAIA Frequently Asked Questions


What is MAYAIA?

MAYAIA is a new way to buy and sell fashion and beauty products, directly from fashion lovers near you - we're shaking up luxury fashion resale and making it social, simple and waste free! You can see items available in your area, and either meet up to buy them straight from the owner, or ask them to ship them to you.

You can also list your own items to sell - and we'll help you find local buyers interested in purchasing from you. It's easy, safe and there's no shipping or returns required!

How do I buy products?

Browse the site to discover fashion in your local area. When you find an item you're interested in, buy it and we'll store your payment securely.

Each seller decides whether they're happy to ship the item with you, or whether they'd rather you collect in person. Many sellers offer both, so when you purchase, you can decide which you'd like.

If you're meeting up, you then talk to the seller to arrange a time and place. You can check out the item, make sure it's exactly what you need and then you confirm the sale on your phone - and we transfer the money directly to the seller.

If you're not happy for any reason before you confirm the sale - or before the items is shipped - then you can cancel at any time and we'll refund you in full.

How do I sell on items?

MAYAIA is a great way to clear out your closet for those items that you don't use any more, or that are not the correct size! Just sign up as a seller, and then list your items with a photo or video and price. Interested buyers will purchase them on the site.

You can decide for each item whether you want the buyer to collect the item for you, or if you'd rather ship - or both. If you offer both, the buyer will chose an option when they purchase.

When you meet up, the buyer will check out the item and confirm they're happy with the purchase on their phone. You can then give them the item and we'll transfer the money to you.

MAYAIA makes it so easy to trade - there's no returns and no hassle, it's so easy!

What if I have nothing to sell?

You could still be earning money from MAYAIA by helping your friends, family and followers get on board!

We want your help to spread MAYAIA's mission far and wide - and if you get friends, family and followers to sign up as sellers, we'll reward you with 5% of their sales for life!

If you refer just 10 friends, and they sell 4 items a month worth $250 each, you'll be earning $500 every month! So get sharing!

To refer friends, you just need to sign up as a seller, and click on the Earn tab to get your unique referral link. You can read more about it here.

How much does MAYAIA charge?

There's no charges to shop on MAYAIA - the seller chooses the price for the goods they want to sell, and you're charged that price.

If you're selling on MAYAIA then unless otherwise stated there's a straight 10% commission on your sales, which we'll take when we pay out to your bank account. There's no listing fees or other charges at all!

Why does MAYAIA exist?

We realised that there was a whole world of wonderful luxury fashion undiscovered in people's closets. They didn't want the complexity of selling products on networks like eBay - dealing with shipping, postage costs and returns.

We want to set those items free, so that they can find a new life with someone new - cutting down on waste and giving purchased fashion items a second chance to be loved! That's why we created MAYAIA!

MAYAIA opens up a world of fashion like never before - reducing waste and making the world a cleaner, more friendly place!

What's with the name?

When we decided we were going to change the world of luxury fashion resale and reduce waste in fashion, we wanted a name that represented our core values.

MAYAIA is a combination of Maya - the highly advanced and cultivated civilization which got so close to nature, and Gaia - the Greek deity of the Earth, and the theory of planetary symbiosis. Hence, MAYAIA!

I have another question!

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can find out how to get in touch on our contact page.

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