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Elvis & Kresse was founded in 2005 with a single goal in mind, to save London’s damaged, decommissioned fire-hoses from going to landfill. By 2010 we had succeeded, we were saving all of London’s hoses, each and every year, by transforming them into a range of hand crafted, high quality accessories. 50% of the profits from the sale of these bags, belts and wallets are donated to the Fire Fighters Charity. Through years of continued commitment to rescue we now save over 10 different types of the most unlikely material, while continuing to give back, redefining luxury in the process. Discover our latest Fire & Hide range, handmade by combining leather rescued from the production of Burberry products with our signature decommissioned British fire-hose. 50% of all our profits go back to Charity. Elvis & Kresse believe the future of luxury is sustainable, ethical, reclaimed, open, generous and kind. Visit our site today or contact us for more information. Best, Elvis & Kresse

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